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For official resources regarding the Safir Alliance. Direct all discussion of this channel's contents toward #alliance-worldbuilding.
Vāstra II 27-Jan-20 04:02 AM Here's the ConWorkShop page for the Safir Alliance's lingua franca, Classical Āirumāli
Classical Āirumāli is the prestige language of the safir, used in novels, poetry, songs, and religious rites, as well as all documents before about 4200 AI, and is the primary official languages of the Safir Alliance.
Here is a political map of the Queendom of Firnerámnen, the focus country of the Safir Alliance project, showing the states and major cities of its mainland. A vector version follows.
Here is the coat of arms of Firnerámnen. Again, a vector version follows.
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Here is a work-in-progress physical map of Daia, the planet on which Firnerámnen is situated, in the Winkel Tripel projection.
Here is a picture of the Bloodless Palace, the official residence of Her Majesty Vāstra II, Queen of Firnerámnen and titular Safir Empress.
Vāstra II 27-Jan-20 10:11 AM Here's @Shyriath's most excellent (though WIP, as the list of countries itself is) political map of Daia.
Vāstra II 22-Jan-21 08:43 AM
Three treatments of the Āirumāli script as used to write Classical Āirumāli: First, handwritten. A vector version follows.
Second, a font suited for body text. A vector version follows.
Finally, a font suited for titles, headlines, and inscriptions. A vector version follows.
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