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Vāstra II 10-Aug-20 09:57 PM Mark Rosenfelder, creator of the conworld Almea, is starting a new project where he propels it 400 years forward from its present at the onset of the age of steam.
Shyriath 11-Aug-20 12:02 PM
wonders if he's gonna take the opportunity to make the Almeopedia not-crummy.
Vāstra II 11-Aug-20 12:07 PM
Shyriath 08-Sep-20 10:34 AM
Floaty islands are best islands.
Until they stop being floaty.
Vāstra II 08-Sep-20 01:32 PM
Vāstra II 06-Oct-20 04:04 PM
Let's dive deep into the world-building process, shall we? Whether you're crafting an entire story world or delving into an alternative or fantastical reality here on Earth, developing fully-realized fictional cultures is key to fantastic world-building. But cultures are rat...
ExaRaiun 12-Oct-20 08:21 AM
While brainstorming about the various types of magic for a setting of mine, I got to a point where I wanted something involving music-based magic. Implementing bardic songs seemed to be the obvious choice, but I wanted something different. At these times, I was listening to a lot of ambient musics (Boards of Canada, Echo Grid, Wolfram der Spyra, Brian Eno...), and the relaxing tunes gave me the idea of having ambient-music based magic, which lead to the birth of Resonant Magic, created from the harmonic vibes of magical energy. (As a side note, one of the main inspiring musics other than the afroementioned ones was ). In terms of applications, it is most support/utility-based. Calming the soul of allies to boost resistance against mind-influencing effects, creating a bond so allies can share their mana pools, and beyond a point, even their magical knowledge, granting temporary access for their combined spell list. Of course, there are also offensive-uses, even if they are not the directly harming type. Making opponents fall asleep is one thing, but utilizing a droning ambient to dull the mind of enemies is also a possibility, breaking their concentration so they cannot focus on spells. As a passive effect, it can be also applied during sleep to keep dreams safe, and helping to recover the mind and body of those in need, with the magical energy cooperating with the life energy of affected people.
High Skies (Mat Jarvis) - The World Forgotten This music is featured on
Vāstra II 12-Oct-20 08:22 AM
Nice surprised_safir
Shyriath 12-Oct-20 07:55 PM
A detail from Avishraa, just because I like sharing this one: Life magic is one of the rarest types of inborn magic to be found on Avishraa, and also one of the most useful. It can be used to heal injuries, cure diseases, and even - up to a point - permanently modify someone's body. But one of its lesser-known applications is necromancy. A reasonably intact corpse can be recharged with vital energy and returned to a semblance of life, and it can be maintained in that state, undergoing no further decay, so long as the charge is not allowed to run out. Once it does, the body stops functioning and starts the process of decay where it left off. The procedure is no help to those seeking immortality. Upon death, the soul goes elsewhere, and reanimating the body does not bring it back - some elements of muscle memory and temperament may remain, but the corpse does not otherwise have any trace of the person who it once was. Because the corpse of a person starts out as a blank slate in terms of memory, ability to use or comprehend language, and learned skills, it is essentially a sort of zombie, though not necessarily a hostile one. Though given enough time, they can learn and develop new skills and personality traits, the process is usually more difficult than with the living, and on top of this they are not particularly obedient. It is generally thought that, considering all the other useful things that lifegivers could be doing with their powers, and considering that almost no problem is being solved in a way that couldn't be solved more easily in some other way, necromancy is at best a useless curiosity and at worst a pointless defilement of the dead.
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ExaRaiun 13-Oct-20 12:33 AM
Necromancy as part of life magic is an interesting proposal, even though it sounds like that in this context, it's not particularly useful most of the time and not really accepted at that. But in a way, curiosity sometimes helps progress. Interestingly enough, I was also playing around with the concept of necromancy, in which it would use magical energy to bring back a corpse to "life". While such an idea is looked down by most, a certain nation did utilize it in a situation of crisis, where they were invaded. Basically, this nation was in a war with two other nations, and the invaders (lead by spider-people) declared that humans are incapable to stay in peace if left on their own, so keeping them under their rule is a way to checking on them. (Strange reasoning, but it's due to the Creator of the spider-people designing them in a way). At any rate, harsh times needs harsh measures, and the nation mentioned in the beginning declared the Reanimation Policy, in which upon a situation of crisis, the usage of necromancy to bring back people to fight for the nation is allowed, with the caveat that after the crisis is averted, all reanimated people must be put back to their graves. In the end, the three warring nations got to a truce and managed to push the invading spiders back.
As you see, official usages of Necromancy are limited, but unofficial ones are something they couldn't completely deal with. The worst side-effect of it is the case of a necromancer who utilized mana fairies as his familiars, along with the reanimated minions he created. When the necromancer died, the fairies - who were actually constantly checking on his notes and whatnot - decided to use their newfound knowledge for themselves, making them a new subset of fairies, the Necrolyte Fairies, for whom, corpses are just a resource to make their own life convenient, getting them wherever they can from. Such hidden locations of these fairies and their renanimated people made from stolen corpses are hunted down, naturally, but it's not easy to deal with them.
KaliFyre 30-Nov-20 06:05 AM
How did Egyptians pronounce the language behind the hieroglyphs? Subscribe for more: Become my patron: ~ Briefly ~ From Hatshepsut to Nefertiti to a Coptic Abuna, meet the many forms of the long-lived Egyptian language. Watch as they help us liste...
Imagine diving into an old forerunner civilization
Vāstra II 30-Nov-20 07:36 AM
Indeed eyes2
Vāstra II 16-Jan-21 05:38 AM
I don’t believe society is perfect the way it is, I’m just a small-c conservative who’s cautious of changing things. We’ve never tried a complex globalized urban Information…
Vāstra II 17-Jan-21 05:39 PM
Imagine you have the stereotypical mysterious nation across the ocean. Their mercenaries are sometimes contracted into your army. They dress weird, talk with an accent, and have really odd weapons....
Say there are two leaders or issues to vote on, A and B. If the community is small enough then voters for A can pair off with voters for B. The unpaired leftovers determine the outcome. I could even imagine something like this evolving as a kind of violence-free proxy for actual warfare without either side having a notion of number. answered 2 days ago Dan Piponi
It could even evolve from violence into some form of ritual wrestle with the paired voter and could end up as dance. – user1937198 2 days ago
This is by far my favourite answer, as it gives a really reasonable explanation for how these kind of things evolved. Instead of actually fighting, they would have some ritualised battle where the larger team always wins. This makes it very believable because it doesn't seem like the author just copied our voting system and made some workaround. Also it would fit a primitive society much better than some sophisticated counting-stones-system. – Guenterino 7 hours ago
Parallel universe, human in this alternate Earth are innumerate at least; they do not have a sense of counting or quantifying if you will. I am wondering since these primitive humans are beginning to
In a world where we have been genetically engineered so that we can photosynthesise sunlight with our hair hunger is a thing of the past,...
ExaRaiun 20-Jan-21 01:47 AM
"Not only that but you'd need to design the environment to be accessible to non-humanoids. A space ship designed by a race of intelligent spiders won't look like one designed for human use. " - comment from a 4chan topic which discussed various races in fiction. You know, now I kind of want to see spacefaring intelligent spiders (or if possible, driders).
happy_safir 1
Vāstra II 20-Jan-21 01:55 AM
Indeed ^m^
For one, spacesuits like the ones humans use would interfere with a spider's urticating hairs
ExaRaiun 20-Jan-21 01:56 AM
I mean, Star Control 2 had a spider-like race, if I remember correctly, so it's not like it's impossible in a sci-fi 🤔
🕷️ 1 These were the ones I was thinking of.
Vāstra II 20-Jan-21 02:00 AM
Yeah, and also the game is FOSS now
ExaRaiun 20-Jan-21 02:00 AM
A friend of mine mentioned it at one point, yup 🙂
smile_safir 1
At any rate, it's so rare to see a sci-fi with not conventionally humanoid races (Master of Orion also had its fair share of unusual ones, though)
Vāstra II 20-Jan-21 02:01 AM
ExaRaiun 20-Jan-21 02:06 AM
I just want something beyond rubber-foreheaded aliens ^^;
Vāstra II 20-Jan-21 02:06 AM
KaliFyre 21-Jan-21 10:16 AM
stellaris was so close and yet so far, though recent attempts are being made to diversify via mods and more portrait DLCs
said DLCs including cool features exclusive to that xenotype
lithoids eat minerals instead of food, a main CivEcon limiter but comes with HUGE boosts for alloys... aka MilEcon. (edited)
ExaRaiun 21-Jan-21 01:53 PM
Eat minerals? Check. Low reproduction? Also check.
Vāstra II 21-Jan-21 03:57 PM
I need to play Stellaris again sometime; the only time I was able to was way back in 1.6
KaliFyre 27-Jan-21 07:00 PM
No shizz
I have all DLC, so I can host and everyone else shares it.
2.3 is naisu
but am waiting for espionage DLC (edited)
That'll be fucking sick
PDX on a bit of an Espionage kick, becuase they put it into HoI4 recently
And of course, CK3
The king of intrigue and royal incest
Vāstra II 27-Jan-21 11:53 PM
KaliFyre 28-Jan-21 12:57 AM
Eyes indeed
Vāstra II 03-Feb-21 02:08 PM
The Cistercian monks invented a numbering system in the 13th century which meant that any number from 1 to 9999 could be written using a single symbol
KaliFyre 03-Feb-21 11:34 PM
sooo.... base 9999?
laughing_safir 1
Vāstra II 16-Feb-21 06:51 AM
Where do you get started when worldbuilding birth traditions? Let's look at five things you can do to make them more interesting!
Vāstra II 18-Feb-21 03:04 AM
Arne's stuff is dece across the board tbh
KaliFyre 27-Feb-21 07:48 PM
I still want to do my non-linear novella series based on Itavr legends
Like... mayhaps as a NaNoWriMo attempt every November, and if I fail just keep writing and adjusting until the next June and in July I start prepping for next NaNo.
Also I'd start prepping the novella in July anyway
But not write actual prose, just get storyboarding going.
NaNo allows people to tackle it however they please, as it's honor system.
Vāstra II 27-Feb-21 07:53 PM
Vāstra II 19-Mar-21 07:29 PM
Greeting, humans from another timeline! You might be confused why someone from an advanced timeline is contacting you, but all my scientists are in hibernation and I failed science - plus it's been...
Vāstra II 20-Mar-21 07:14 AM
Vāstra II 25-Mar-21 07:57 PM
KaliFyre 15-Apr-21 10:57 PM A good resource on folk tales and the tropes within, could be useful for building worldly folklore?
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