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Vāstra II 23-Oct-16 02:29 PM
The Rules • The minimum age to use this server or possess Safir Alliance membership is 16. • The owner's word is final. That said, he is not infallible; if you have a problem, do mention or PM him. • Don't be a dick. No antagonizing other users or trolling. • Don't veer off-topic. If you do, shift to the appropriate channel. • Racist, sexist, ableist, and other forms of discriminatory dialogue are strictly forbidden. • Use one account and one account only. Violating this rule will result in permabans for all accounts. • Heavy discussions are allowed, but will be stopped if they get out of control. • Do not post graphic or NSFW material outside of the appropriate channels. • Do not spam, flood, or otherwise disrupt the server. The typical scale of punishments is as follows: • Caution • Warning • Kick • One-week ban • One-month ban • Permaban These are only guidelines, and staff is free to deviate from them as necessary. Also, ban evasion will always result in a permaban. The following things are forbidden even in the NSFW channels, and posting them will result in a permaban: • Lolicon, shotacon, or other child pornography • Scat or watersports • Gore • Vore • Rape (edited)
Vāstra II 01-Jun-17 06:20 PM
Role Explanation Invitation only @Safir Empress = this person is presumed large and in charge @Administrator = this person helps be in charge @Court of Seraphess Āþa = this person is verified good people @crushdiscordbugs23 = this person is very helpful in squashing bugs @You've Got Mail = this person is in charge of the Alliance’s email system (see #mailroom) @Synth = this person is actually a robot. Beep boop. Available on request @Accredited Arachnophile = this person knows that spiders are our friends; their subject matter room is #the-mesmer @All The World's A Stage = this person enjoys roleplaying @Archive Team = this person has access to the Archives category for archival purposes @Card Game Chum = this person likes card games, whether trading or otherwise; their subject matter room is #card-table @Chip Dipper = this person wants to help design safir computers; their subject matter room is #computer-lab @Conlang Co-Conspirator = this person likes to construct languages; their subject matter room is #language-library @Cultural Envoy = this person enjoys talking about culture; their subject matter room is #cultural-festival @Let Me Tell You About Homestuck = this person enjoys the webcomic Homestuck & related media; their subject matter room is #alternian-embassy @Linked Minds = this person is a consenting adult, and has access to the NSFW channels @State-Sanctioned Surveyor = this person likes making maps; their subject matter room is #prime-meridian (edited)
Vāstra II 26-Feb-18 03:28 AM
This server uses Mutant Standard emoji ( made by Dzuk, which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License ( (edited)
Vāstra II 16-Jun-20 01:05 PM
Two of our roleplaying channels, #long-form-rp and #rp-ooc, are bridged to #zelathlir and #lakuna, respectively, on Go here to set up your roles. Here's our server invitation. Please only invite people with whom you get along, and with whom we will get along.
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